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Upon arrival
Upon arrival, campers are required to hand over their identity card and that of each person camping with them, and to read the internal regulation
The reception desk is open to the public from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon and from 4.00 to 8.00 pm. A cash deposit service is given free of charge. The cash desk time is as follows: from 8.00 am to 12.00 noon and from 4.00 to 8.00 pm
The management has the right to take into consideration the customer’s preference about the type of bungalow or pitch, and to grant it or not. The management reserves the right to modify this preference, subject to availability, without notice. Housing units are delivered by 2.00 pm in the low and medium season and by 5.00 pm in the high season. The estimated balance of the stay must, in any case, be paid within 24 hours from your arrival at Green Camping. In the event of any unnotified late arrival, the reservation will remain valid until 12.00 noon on the following day.
During the stay
Campers leaving the campsite for one or more days during the stay will pay as if they stayed there.
Visitors are allowed only if authorized by the management. Customers are informed that acquaintances or relatives are allowed to visit the campsite only after handing over their identity card and for a maximum of one hour. After this term, the regular rate will be applied.
Motorbikes or other motor vehicles are not allowed. It is forbidden to circulate around the campsite with motorized vehicles from midnight to 8.00 am and from 2.00 to 4.00 pm. Motor vehicles within the facility must move at a walking pace, limited to loading and unloading operations. Cyclists are recommended to keep a moderate speed for their and others’ safety.
The rest period is as follows: from 2.00 to 4.00 pm and from midnight to 8.00 am. During these hours, the gates will remain closed and the movement of any vehicle or caravan, the assembly and/or disassembly of tents, and any other action that causes disturbance to the general quiet is forbidden.
The management of Green Camping does not exercise any supervision on the activities of the Guests of the holiday park. In particular, the custody of children is assumed exclusively by parents or other custodians, who are also solely responsible towards third parties, and the management is relieved of all responsibility. These people shall make sure that children do not cause any damage or run into any dangers inside the holiday park and the playground. At the swimming pool, the specific regulation must be observed. It is forbidden to play with a ball in between tents, on the alleys and at the swimming pool.
Dogs’ access will be regulated by the management. Those admitted to the campsite must always be kept on a leash. Dogs must be accompanied outside the campsite for their droppings, or these must be removed by their owners. Pets are not allowed in the common areas such as the bar, the market, the swimming pool, the five-a-side football pitch and the toilets.
All waste must be sorted in tightly closed bags and stored in appropriate containers located in the ecological area at the entrance to the campsite.
Sinks and washbasins must be used according to the special instructions. Toilets must also be used in a correct manner. Any damage arising from the improper use of the above will be charged to the guests.
Please note that chemical toilets must be emptied only in the appropriate drains located in the various service blocks.
Guests are required to keep and leave the pitch as clean and tidy as it was at the time of delivery.
Sheets must be used on the beds of the living units. Guests who do not have them can rent them at the reception desk.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke inside the housing units.
Every camper is required to keep their property. The management is not responsible for any damage, loss or removal of objects owned by the guests, or for any damage caused by atmospheric disasters.
For motivated complaints and disservices, guests must turn to the managers of the campsite, who are always available.
Guests are required to pay the balance of their stay within 24 hours from their arrival, during the opening hours of the cash office, from 8.00 to 12.00 noon.
Departure must take place by 10.00 am. Otherwise, the entire day, namely the daily rate for the pitch and for the people, will be charged regardless of the time of arrival.

The housing units must be vacated in the morning of the day of departure by 10.00 am, duly cleaned and tidy. Otherwise, the cleaning costs (€ 30.00) will be charged; any breaks or missing objects will result in the loss of the deposit amounting to € 100 for mobile homes and € 50 for caravans paid upon arrival.
Booked periods not spent entirely due to late arrival or early departure must still be paid.

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